Good morning Catonsville Baseball families,

I am reaching back out as promised with an update for the Spring Recreation season.   We have decided based on the current COVID-19 “Coronavirus” pandemic, we are letting you know that Spring Recreation Baseball has been cancelled.   We, along with other spring Rec organizations in the Catonsville area, have had to make the hard decision that no one really wanted to make.  We, as a board, did not take this decision lightly and with player’s, player’s families and our entire community’s safety in mind, this decision was made.

We have created a questionnaire that will need to be filled out by Friday, May 15, 2020 so that we understand how you would like your current funds for your Rec player applied.  This will allow us time to get your funds processed correctly.

We are providing three (3) options:

Option 1: Forward my funds to the Spring 2021 season.  (If a player changes age groups, CYLB will cover the difference.)

Option 2: Reimburse in full.

Option 3: Consider it a donation to Catonsville Baseball.  See you next season!

Click here to submit the CYLB Spring Rec Baseball Funds Questionnaire

We are hoping that if things do change, that we maybe able to put together some activities over the summer but if and only if that the situation is safe to do so.  We don’t know about the Fall baseball season yet and we will be holding off registration for that season till we get the all clear from Baltimore County.

I want to personally thank everyone for their encouraging words throughout this situation.  Baseball to me is not just about the game, for those who been with the league a while, you know that baseball to me is about watching the kids enjoy and learn the game.  I will miss seeing everyone out on the diamonds this spring, but we are all resilient and will get through this together.  I truly hope to see everyone swinging bats, throwing baseballs and enjoying the game that we all love as soon as possible.


Bill Wiley


Catonsville Youth League Baseball

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