Date: January 9, 2020
Matthew Scott Secretary, Tom Blumenauer Vice President of Rec. Operations, Tom Rainier Vice President Travel Operations, Jason Hollencamp Treasurer, Jason Ice Charlie Bacon, John Wiggins

Call the meeting to order
1. Board to approve/modify agenda items

2. Board Reports
a. Treasurers Report
i.TeamSnap registration system for rec. baseball working well. Registrations fees are being made daily
b. Rec Baseball Report
i. Maintenance needed on tractor at CES.
1. Broken wheel in front
2.Rake on back needs to be fixed or replaced

ii. We plan to move the storage box from Christian Temple to Hillcrest Elementary

iii. Dates for clinics, evaluations and coaches training
1. Tom R will contact CCBC to ask for the gym on 03/07, 3/14 and 03/21 for clinics and evaluations. We may not use all threebut
want to have options open
2. Tom R will also ask for the gym at CCBC on 03/28 for coaches training

iv. Discussion regarding coaches training
1. Suggesting that we require heat and concussion training every year
2. Suggesting that pitch count be required every other year beginning with first year involved with 9-10 or older

c. Travel Baseball Report

d. Baseball Rules Committee Report
i. Discussed rec. rule changes for 2020 as suggested by committee. Discussion to continue.

3. Old Business
a. N/A

4. New Business
a. Discuss dates for rec. coaches clinic, evaluations and kids clinic as well as opening day
i. See notes from Recreation report above

b. Discuss date for picture day 2020
i. Proposed picture day of April 25th Tom R will contact photographer

c. Do we have any update on changes to background check system?
i. No update coaches should use current system until further notice

d. Review rec and travel rule changes for 2020
i. Discussed modifications to heat index guidelines. Discussions to continue over eMail and at subsequent meetings

5. Meeting Closure

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