CYLB Meeting Minutes
Date January 3, 2018
Attendees: Matt Scott ‐ Secretary, Tom Rainier – President, Bill Wiley – VP of Rec.,
Jon Lutton – VP of Travel, Brian Cudzilo, Matt Gross, Dave Verdi

Treasure’s Report:
• We had enough money to cover the cost of uniforms with some money leftover

• County said if we did not pay remaining $75,000 for lighting at Spring Grove we cannot have any of our allocations
• Coaches clinic scheduled for March 3rd waiting on confirmation from Hilcrest ES and coach J
• Youth clinics at CCBC scheduled for March 10,17, and 24th from 12:30-3:30
• at our February, 7th meeting we will coordinate travel teams assistance with clinics
• Opening day is April 28th
• Registration is open
• We need to order catchers gear and helmets along with batting helmets especially for 13-14
• We need coordinators for 9-10 and 11-12

• Spring Grove field to be used by Jeff Tolton’s team with coordination with Tim Tacka
• Indoor space is available at Banicker for $15 an hour beginning on the 14th of January through March

• Field allocation meeting is on January 9th
• We will discuss field allocations at our meeting on February 7th
• Rec meeting is 2nd week of the month Tom will go to represent CYLB
• Positive coaching alliance would like to talk to the board. Discussed a possible date in April
• Need to schedule a working party to organize trailer and inventory pants
• Tractors should be back by mid-February
• Everyone using a tractor must sign a form
• We need to order five job boxes and locks along with rakes and stompers
• 2018 order for clay and Turface will be the same as last year