CYLB Meeting Minutes
Date January 16 2019
Attendees: Secretary – Matthew Scott, Brian Robey, Tom Blumenauer, Charles Bacon, Laura Kuhl, Shawn Lawson, Vice President Recreation Operations – Tom Rainier, Joe Vastine, Elaine Vastine, Chris McNamara

Treasure’s Report:
• None

• Rec. registration is open. T/here have been a couple of glitches in the system but Bill is fixing them as they arise.
• Rec. meeting is scheduled for Tuesday January 22nd.
• We have age group coordinators for 5/6, 7/8, and 15/17.
• Still need coordinators for 9/10, 11/12, and 13/14.
• Tom will count pants and place order for spring.
• Need to request fields for filed day activities on May 4.

• Plan to evaluate uniform contracts for travel teams to make sure we are getting the best value.
• Bill recommended that the board vote to suspend Joe Vastine for two games for having parents sign contacts in the name of Catonsville
Baseball that were not board approved. The motion passed.


• All field allocation requests for all of 2019 are in. We should hear back during January of 2019.
• Picture day is scheduled for Saturday April 13.
• We need to submit a facilities use form for the Middle School on 4/13.
• We have an opening for Vice President of Travel Operations.
• Bill will contact Finch about tractor maintenance. We hope to have them picked up in January because there is no additional fee.
• Bill and Tom will review umpire fees for 2019.
• Need to order drop in bases for Catonsville Admin Building fields one and two. We will use the tiedown bases for field 3.
• Bill would like to order manual hand pumps to clear water from infields.

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