Date: December 5, 2019
Bill Wiley Charlie Bacon Matthew Scott
Jason Hollencamp Brian Ryobe Eric Bonardi
Tom Rainier Justin Gemmell

Date: December 5, 2019

Attendees: Bill Wiley President, Charlie Bacon, Matthew Scott Secretary, Jason Hollencamp Treasurer, Brian Ryobe, Eric Bonardi
Tom Rainier Vice President Travel Operations, Justin Gemmell

1. Call the meeting to order
2. Board to approve/modify agenda items
3. Board Reports
a. Treasurers Report
i. CYLB budget has been submitted to the county
ii. Waiting for three travel budgets
iii. Eric B travel team 1/30/2020 and 02/28/2020 payments
b. Rec Baseball Report
i. Registration will open 12/15/19
ii. Uniforms are ordered still need to order coaches shirts and 15-18 uniforms in January.
iii. We will order the four year old uniforms in January
c. Travel Baseball Report
i. 5 travel teams have booked slots at LTA
d. Baseball Rules Committee Report
i. Fall ball full leading and stealing
ii. 11-12 full leading and stealing
4. Old Business
a. Travel Team Registrations
i. Discussion over eMail between travel coaches and board members surrounding payment of second part of travel team
registration fees
ii. It was determined that the second payment was to be charged automatically on 11/30/19
iii. Agreed to discuss whether second payment should be charged automatically or not moving forward
5. New Business
a. Spring registration
i. Rec registration to open 12/15/19
b. Schedule spring maintenance day/trailer cleanout
c. Purchase of a storage unit for Hillcrest
i. Move storage unit from Christian Temple to Hillcrest
d. Guidelines for travel team sponsors banners. What size? Where can they be placed on the field?

6. Meeting Closure next meeting 01/09/20

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