Date: November 7, 2019
1. Call the meeting to order
2. Board to approve/modify agenda items
3. Board Reports
a. Treasurers Report
i. Need treasurers for three travel teams
b. Rec Baseball Report
i. Age Group Coordinators
1. 9-10 John Wiggins
2. 11-12 Charlie Bacon
3. 13-14 Jeff Ratliff
ii. Registration Fees 2020
1. 5-6 $80
2. 7-8 $90
3. 9-10 $120
4. 11-12 $130
5. 13-14 $150
6. 15-18 $160
iii. Rec 15-18 will wear Catonsville logo and colors instead of MLB team logos

c. Travel Baseball Report
i. N/A
d. Baseball Rules Committee Report
i. 11-12 will allow stealing
ii. 13-14 switching to high school federation rules
iii. Big barrel bats allowed 11-12 up

4. Old Business
a. Continue discussion on donating funds from CYLB to upgrade CHS batting cage.
i. The board has been in communication over eMail and has agreed that CYLB should contribute some amount of money over a number of years.
ii. Continued discussion is needed on an amount money, a number of years and where the money would be used specifically
iii. $1000 a year for two years to go toward batting cage payable at 6 month increments 4-0 checking with Tom R
b. 2020 budgets for rec and travel baseball
i. We have budgets from 8u,9u,10u, and 11u. Do we have any others?
5. New Business
a. Eric B has enough players to build a 9u 10u team.
b. Bill proposes a four year old skill building league.
6. Meeting Closure

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