Date: February 13, 2020
Bill Wiley President, Tom Blumenauer Vice President Rec., Jason Hollencamp Treasurer
Matthew Scott Secretary, Tom Rainier Vice President Travel, Dave Verdi, Jon Lutton, Eric Benardi, Charlie Bacon, John Wiggins,
Greg Glorioso, Craig Kahl, Justin Gemmell, Brian Robey, Jeff Ratliff, Jason Ice

1. Call the meeting to order

2. Board to approve/modify agenda items

3. Board Reports
a. Treasurers Report
i. Need treasurers for 3 travel teams
b. Rec Baseball Report
i. Coaches training agenda/schedule
ii. Rec Registration Numbers
1. 5-6 Tee Ball approximately 67 registered
2. 7-8 Coach Pitch 2 coaches 57 registered
3. 9-10 Clinic approximately 30 registered
iii. Kids Clinics Sunday March 8th and Sunday March 15th
iv. Coaches Clinic to be held closer to the start of the season
v. Need volunteers for clinic days to make name tags
vi. Need to inventory pants and baseballs. Tentative date 02/18

c. Travel Baseball Report
i. AAU Scheduling Fees
1. AAU umpires paid a flat fee spring and fall
ii. Reminder to send expense reports to Jason. He will forward on to rec treasurer
iii. Tom R needs what league you signed up for and what days you play along with a first choice for practice and an alternate
iv. Travel coach should give invoices to team treasurer to be given to CYLB board treasurer

d. Baseball Rules Committee Report
i. See old business

4. Old Business
a. Dates for Clinics and Evaluations
i. Coach Casey and CCBC Gym available for 03/08 and 03/15
ii. Suggested time each week 1:30PM to 3:30PM
iii. Tom R confirmed photographer for 04/25/20
b. Rec Baseball Rules Report
i. Discussion of 11-12 rule changes
1. Charlie Bacon submitted changes to 11-12 Minor League rules
2. CYLB Board voted to accept Charlie’s changes
ii. Discuss amendment to heat index guidelines orange zone
1. Parents and guardians not CYLB will be expected to provide water to players
c. Background Checks
i. There will not be a new background check system for 2020. Continue to use the old system
5. New Business
a. We will not use rained out this year. We will communicate weather cancellations by TeamSnap
b. Rec will run concession stand for 2020 rec season at Catonsville High School
c. Travel Team Sponsorship banners cannot face in toward the field
i. Back of banner dark blue or black
6. Meeting Closure

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