About us

Our Mission

The stated purpose of the Catonsville Youth League Baseball program (CYLB) is to implant in the youth of this community the ideals of good sportsmanship, courage, obedience, loyalty, truth and reverence, so they may be finer, stronger, and happier young people.

For CYLB to attain these goals, league officials, managers, coaches and parents must assume the following responsibilities:

  1. Inspire in the players a love for the game and a desire to win.
  2. Teach them that it is better to lose fairly than to win unfairly, and to stress the values derived from playing the game fairly.
  3. Lead players and spectators to respect the integrity and judgment of officials by setting a good example.
  4. Eliminate all possibilities, which tend to destroy the best values of the game.
  5. Show courtesy to opposing teams.
  6. Achieve a thorough understanding and acceptance of the rules of the game and the standards of eligibility.
  7. Encourage leadership, use of initiative, and good judgment by the players and the team.
  8. Recognize the objectives of the game are to promote the physical, mental, moral, social, and emotional well being of the youth of Catonsville.
  9. Remember that an athletic contest is only a game, not a matter of life or death for the players, parents, officials, fans, state or nation!